A little more than a week ago, I submitted my new app called Viable to the App Store. It’s the second app I’ll release as part of my ongoing #12M6A series.

Here’s a short trailer:

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I’m waiting to announce the release date until the app is approved by Apple, but my current estimate would be the second week of July.
(Update: Viable will launch on July 16th! )

When I started planning my #12M6A series at the beginning of the year, I hoped I would release my 3rd app already at this time of the year. Of course this will create some tension for the residual part of the year, as I do have to develop the remaining four apps in a noticeable shorter amount of time than I had originally planned. But I’ve got some nice ideas and am confident everything will thrive well and smoothly.

The delay was mainly caused by the finals of my apprenticeship, which took place in the first half of this year. Today was my last exam and I successfully passed it! Hopefully I’ll be able to shift some more of my free time towards #12M6A now that they are done :)

(Update #2: Viable is out now )