Today I'm happy to announce my new game: Matching Shapes. It is the first app I'll release this year as part of my ongoing 12 Months, 6 Apps series.

Matching Shapes App Icon

In short and fast-paced rounds, Matching Shapes challenges your reaction and coordination skills. The game will show you one out of three shapes, and you have to match it correctly. But hurry up, the clock is your biggest enemy!

The game will be available for free in the App Store! No costs, no ads and no in-app purchases!

When will Matching Shapes be available?

I completed development yesterday and am currently applying the finishing touches to it. I plan to submit Matching Shapes to the App Store by the end of this weekend. Depending on current App Store Review Times, it will be available for download soon after! I'll keep you posted of the process on Twitter.

Thoughts on the project & next steps

I highly enjoyed working on Matching Shapes over the past month in some of my free time. It was a fun, little project and I think it was perfect fit for kicking off my 12 Months, 6 Apps series.
I'll dedicate a future blog post to the development process of Matching Shapes, as I was able to try some nice things which were new to me while working on it (such as the Spring animation library by Meng To).

As soon as I wrap up the submission and launch-preparations for Matching Shapes, I'll start working on my next project for #12M6A right away. At the moment, I don't know what my next app will be yet, but I have a few prototypes on the shelf, which I could choose from. My journey will continue without a break, which keeps me excited!