12 Months, 6 Apps (#12M6A)

As mentioned in the Kickoff, I set myself some goals for 2015. Inspired by One Game A Month (#1GAM), I initiated 12 Months, 6 Apps (#12M6A).


By the end of 2015, I want to be able to say “I released 6 apps in the App Store this year“. I’m excited for the challenge and hope I can keep up with it.

Although the average amount of development time per app is 2 months and I’m going to try staying within this timeframe, it’s not set in stone. The goal is not to ship an app every other month, but to ship 6 apps in 12 months. I wont’ say “project #1 must hit the app store by end of February”. Time per project is flexible, the end goal isn’t!


App #1: Matching Shapes

Status: Published on 2015-02-24

App #2: Viable

Status: Published on 2015-07-16

App #3: Plumatch

Status: Published on 2015-10-13

App #4: Spinning Shots

Status: Published on 2015-11-19

App #5: Key Task

Status: Published on 2015-12-09

App #6: Coordinates for Minecraft

Status: Published on 2015-12-19